Founder Message

Prof. Anand Kumar

by Founder Super 30


The prosperity of a country purely depends upon the education rate of the country. And a society cannot truly reform until all the sects and segment of the society are uplifted. Muslims are also a part of the Indian society, and there are quite a many deprived Muslim Families. I have a vision to reform India and provide education to those who are extremely talented but are deprived of money and resources and Muslims are a part of India as much as I am. I have witnessed the Immense talent in the Muslim students, I have had a few Muslim students in my super 30 program and found them really talented and not one bit less hard working than any other super 30 student. I always wanted to take in more and more Muslim students but couldn’t get to the roots of the deprived Muslim community. So now that we have collaborated with Mr Obaidur Rahman and formed Rahmans 30, Mr. Rahman would help me scrape out the prodigies from the Muslim community and we look forward to shaping the society that will prosper as whole.

Obaidur Rahman

by Founder Chairman Rahman Foundation


Education is the only key to development. Our community has all the potential but we lack basic quality education. We cannot compete with the fast paced society until and unless our youth receives a quality education. I always wanted to bridge the difference between our talented children and quality education but I didn’t have the resources to do the same. I discussed my concern with Mr Anand Kumar and he agreed to take my mission forward. I am quite thankful to Mr Kumar to have given such a support. Together we started a small initiative called Rahmans30 under the Rahman Foundation to take up at least 30 Muslim Students every year and prepare them for IIT-JEE Advance (Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Examination) , one of the toughest and most prestigious examinations in India. We do not want to restrict ourselves just to IIT JEE but also to all the major competitive exams in the country. And we hope that almighty Allah blesses our small initiative and it proves to be fruitful to the society.

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